Day 4—Fort William to Inveraray

I am running with a 24 hour delay on my posts at the moment! I hope I catch up soon.

Today was defined by rain. It rained as we left the Distillery Guest House, and it rained for most of the first half of the ride. I was one of the first to set off, and this meant that I was able to take photos of members of the group as they overtook me. Here are John, Les and Carl (moving so fast that the pictures are rather blurred).

As always I took a photo of the landscape to justify the fact that I had stopped. This is Loch Linnhe.

View of Loch Linnhe
Abandoned platform

The weather was bad enough that I didn’t take enough notice of my surroundings, so, unforgivably, I missed Castle Stalker. I did see it on my LEJOG trip, and there are some photos there, but it was irritating that I didn’t see it this time. What I did see was the abandoned station near the castle, a station that was closed in the Beeching cuts. Here is the old platform.

We had our first break at the Creagan Inn, which I have visited on previous visits to Scotland. It was still raining hard, and we sat on our jackets so that we wouldn’t soak the chairs in the café. John kindly bought me a coffee and a cheese scone, and I took the opportunity to put my arm-warmers on—it was cold as well as wet. The view from the Inn over the loch was as spectacular as ever (see below).

The view from the Creagan Inn

It was still raining when we left the Creagan Inn, but it eased off during the rest of the ride. As usual I can’t remember exactly where I took different photos, but the first one below was before lunch, I think, and the second after lunch. If anyone knows the name of the castle, I’d be pleased to hear it!

Lunch was at about 53 miles, at the Cruachan Power Station visitor centre. It was good. I had a very filling leek and potato soup, and this set me up for the rest of the ride, which included quite a climb before heading down into Inveraray (see below). Les, Carl and I were in a different guest house from the others, but we joined everyone for dinner at the George Hotel. I was so tired when we finished that I failed to write this blog, so I hope, 24 hours later, that I have remembered everything of note!

Here is the route, and I’ll put a few stats afterwards.

We covered 120 km in five hours 51 minutes moving time, and climbed 1002 metres (I’m going to juggle between units, I’m afraid, but I’m sure any reader can do the conversions). My weighted average power was 108 Watts today and I used a feeble 1,835 calories. The images below show the elevation at different points in the ride and my heart rate.

More tomorrow!

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